Fish Out Of Water Sept 2016 (late posting)

October 17, 2016

imag1711This column is actually from last month, forgot to re-post it. The original version is here and in the near future I will be posting older columns that no longer exist in print or in Website form. 

It’s here again.

I love the Fall, it has to be my favorite season, even more than the hot and humid days of Summer.

Partially it might be because I was a ‘Fall Baby,’ being born towards the end of the month of October. It may also have to do with the fact that the season also includes the holiday of Halloween, which I have adored since I was a child.

Where I grew up in the Midwest, Fall is a much more colorful time then it is on the Gulf Coast (although I will take Winter in the Gulf over the snow and ice of the Midwest any day), a time of comfortable weather, falling leaves of all shapes and colors and also as said, being the season of my birth seems to hold a special regard for the season that is now at our doorstep.

Fall is also nature’s way of trying to teach us that all things pass, everything ends and loses its life, but with the promise that after Winter is over a new form of that life can also rise again.

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Doctor Who: A Beginner’s Guide To Regeneration

October 16, 2016

doctor_who_tardis-wallpaper-9462934An overview I have written about fifty years of regeneration on the BBC television series Doctor Who has been published on The Doctor Who Companion:

“Doctor Who is surely one of the most original television programs ever to be made.

From the concept of the TARDIS being bigger on the inside than out, with the ability to go anywhere in time and space, to the concept that the main hero, the Doctor, is not the average science fiction pin-up, using his wits instead of a gun or other weapon. Some of these ideas were born out of real-world considerations, such as the exterior of the TARDIS being stuck in the form of 1960s Metropolitan Police Box, which was brought about so the production team could use one prop instead of having to find a new one each adventure to blend in with its surroundings.

One such idea was the idea that the Doctor could ‘renew’ his body when it became old and frail or was otherwise mortally injured, was thought up when the first actor to play the Doctor, William Hartnell, became too ill to carry on and was also becoming quite hard to work with at times, something that is played out in detail in the 2013 special,An Adventure in Space and Time.”

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Thomas Spychalski

If Donald Trump Was A…

October 13, 2016

Grocery Store Produce Manager: “You know, I automatically stock the tomatoes. I just start stocking them, I don’t even wait. And when you’re the produce manager they let you do it. Grab ’em by the boxful.”donald-trump-funny-hair

Flight Attendant: “I better give the safety briefing, just in case we crash. You know, I automatically put on the fasten seatbelt light, like a pro. I just put it on, I don’t even wait for the captain to do it. And when you’re going to be at ten-thousand feet, they just let you do it, you can tell them anything. Grab under the seat for the flotation device, you can tell them anything.”

UFC Fighter: “I better put some talcum powder on my hands, just in case I get to do a submission. You know, I automatically go for the submission, I don’t even wait. And as it is a UFC match, they just let you do it, you can do anything. Grab ’em and put them in a rear naked choke, you can do anything.”

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Clock Watch

October 12, 2016

424957_342903085730813_1831655005_nThe clock stops…and we restart it again.

The clock stops…and we restart it again by forcing hands, self-destructive plans, rotting bands, all mine.

The time is broken, words are just spoken, and all of the tokens, you wasted on the last train out of this dust ridden frame of mind.

Stop the clock, sixty seconds to breathe, stop the rocking, you’re just standing still.

Break the face, hold the hands in strings, time that does not exist, eat the sweet fruit away and save the rind.

No more, stopping the ticking on,

Before, more than deserving.

Stop the talking, start walking, easy no, but callouses I’ve built are strong enough to walk, words stop, worthless play, no more [blank]…


Being On Time

October 6, 2016

alzheimers-63610_640Time keeps moving forward and yet I lose track of it as it starts to rush together and I am trapped somewhere it does not exist any longer because the days are the same as the nights and the weeks are the same as the months.

I forget the meaning of time because it all becomes the same. Midnight might as well be noon, spring might as well be winter.

No markers to place to define time, no events to displace the sense of the endless tone, ringing the same note forever.

No faces and no voices to disperse the sense that this place is eternally mine, wrapped around the coil of stagnation and the realization that for some, time hurts.

It was just Summer, it was just happening, it never happened, you were just here, you were never here at all.

Waiting and waiting and time keeps moving but it does not change…and still the clocks tick away silently mocking me as it goes.

Thomas Spychalski

Back and Forth

October 4, 2016

picsay-1475609560Never meant to go back and forth,

All I wanted was a divorce from my head.

Didn’t want to go to and fro,

Just wanted to stand and grow instead.


Never really meant to grind you down,

I cannot seem to mind the fear, it shows.

Didn’t mean to be insincere,

The answers are so clear, yeah I know.


Promise I’m still fighting, but undercover,

The path I am lighting I still put together.

But the truth is I need to stop,

Before I make you drop, out of forever.

Thomas Spychalski 


Analysis Paralysis

September 27, 2016

man-160034_640Information collection, no redirection, lost in reflection,

hate to mention, learn how to heal but leave the infection.

Knowledge is to be on the edge of knowing, so anger is now growing,

Screaming know it all, who damns his own heart, pain overflowing.


To know the answers, right here in your head,

Yet those voices still want you dead.

Oversimplification of stepping into the fire,

Yet the ‘they’ inside still call you a worthless liar.


Data without a cause, stagnation without pause, breaking natural laws,

He who does not stand crawls, he who hides builds his walls.

Understanding is to be standing under mistakes and blunders,

Damn the ego and jealous pride that just pushes you back under.

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