September 22, 2016

Halloween_run_awayNowhere to take this, so what am I to do?

Is there nothing for me like there is for all of you?

I’ve done my time in that solitary prison cell,

so why when I put my hand out does it burn like hell?


I made sacrifices for people all around,

So why when I try and I am just knocked down?

I am running fast as I can, gaining no ground,

It seems my life is something lost and never found.

Thomas Spychalski


Hate to Feel

September 22, 2016

163628_184781778209612_7680246_nSee the love but you can never touch,

So burying the emotions becomes your crutch.

They say it is life and it is as such,

Repetition, do not feel as much.


Open the floodgates, release the suppressed,

Others, get rewarded, pain is my best guess,

The world says I should not be so stressed,

In a loveless void, nothing right then we digress .


Please can you share the secret and the purpose,

For emotions grown and then seem so worthless,

This is always our partner, always truth, and yes,

The way we hate to feel cause it will only hurt us.

Thomas Spychalski


The Bleed

September 22, 2016

crime-64067_640Everyday same as the one before,

They start to blur, no one at my door.

I am alone here, signing a song of one,

Where is my life, why can’t I see the sun?


I am never called out to participate,

Love soon turns into hate.

All I want is just to feel wanted,

Instead, my heart is haunted.

Thomas Spychalski

Perils of Pauline

September 17, 2016

liftarn_girl_silhouetteFrom youth to here, the way we have dared to steer,

Old to young, young to old, the only thing marked in bold.

Only useful once shit hits fan, resource when you need a hand.

So recipocation, emancipation please in this verbal masturbation.

One more scream in exasperation…


Because now I scream to the world,

The way they once screamed out to me.

Enamoured by the way I used to be steady,

To hold your ship, take your war on.

I hold a note of silent regret,

Cause I knew when it was my turn, no answering heed.

Yet my desire for rescue is still the same as they once cried at me:

“Save me!”

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Digging Again

September 16, 2016

churchyard graves

I guess at this point we just bury it all again,

No difference between the now and the then,

No sense of love, no joy, no longer a trend,

When your darkest thoughts are your only friends.


Start breaking ground, grab your spade and dig,

The game is fixed to favor the rich, it’s rigged,

From the ghost of a mother to the father who was a pig,

Only one place to bury the tears, pain, and the stigma.


Bury me again, It hurts but it all does anyway,

I feel the light but no one lets me play,

Tired of standing on weak legs broken feet,

At least six feet down, I can feel somewhat complete.


Funeral day begins, but as usual no one attends.

Tell me they care till the pretending ends,

No way when this poor to make self-amends,

So I raise hell, the only way I know how to defend.

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No Forgive, Just Forget

September 15, 2016


What makes them better than me?

Better protection, love given, but I’m soon forgotten.

How much stronger, how much longer?

For all but me, light to balance the dark, so forget the spark,

Do we use it to light or to burn?


Little lying ‘helper’ with some sort of degree,

You forgot all about me.

Soon as they have something better,

I stop being seen.

Told to stand up straight, right in the light,

But how can I through this blind hate?


What makes me so undesired?

See others, all like unbreakable brothers or lovers,

How many more steps, I feel inept,

For me, every time I believe, trick up their sleeves,

Slight of hand that destroys me under the isolation.

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The Day The Towers Fell…

September 11, 2016

In history, there are a few moments where it seems people always seem to remember where they were and what they were doing as it occurred or when they heard the news.

twin-towers-new-yorkPearl Harbor, the assassination president of John F. Kennedy and Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon.

While not being old enough to remember the events and tragedies mentioned above, like all other generations my own had its share of days that would indeed live on in infamy.

I barely recall John Lennon being shot and killed by a crazed fan named David Chapman and recall with horror watching the NASA space shuttle Challenger exploding shortly after launch due to an O-ring failure.

Nothing would compare though with the tragic events of September, 11th, 2001 however when I along with the rest of the world watched thousands of people die in a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center’s twin towers.

This article will not focus on the history or the cause of the tragedy, but rather on my personal recollections of the event.

Additionally, there will not be any of the conspiracy theories that have sprung up around that event after the fact. Despite always keeping an open mind (Just see my other website for proof of that) and having some very non-conformist political beliefs, on this day it is better to focus on what we know happened that day, which was massive loss of life and the shattering of the safety net we as Americans had been living under for over half a century.

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