First Post: The Adventure Begins!

It would figure that the first post of this blog would happen while I’m being lazy and not going at full speed.

But anyway welcome to the blog, I will try to keep it as entertaining and informative as I can. Today the only entertaining thing is that this post is being written on a (Wait for it…) BUS! That’s right you heard correctly a bus!
Try to contain your excitement for the rest of the post please.

The Kasterborous book, Ultimate Regeneration seems to be doing well after it was released for pre-order last week, so good news there, if you have the time check out and the book, you can also find more of my writing there on my K Contributors Page.

Other then that, lot’s of deadlines to meet between now and the 8th of December, most Doctor Who related as I’ve been asked both to contribute to  Fish Fingers and Custard issue # 3, as well as the first issue of the Doctor Who Fan club of Brisbane’s fanzine, for which I am writing a review of The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang.
I also am working on an article on Annabel Graham and her Wearable Whovian Jewelery.

So for now that is it, I have to enjoy this wonderful ride on the (Yes, here it comes again, how exciting!) bus and get to the ol’ day job, sanity be damned.

Thanks for reading…

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