Fanzines, the Net And Networking

As a person and an author I am not by far one of these writer’s that should be writing one of those wordy articles that tell you how to get it together and be published. Truth be told, I got my first gig because I was a huge Doctor Who fan and (Modesty modesty!) at least had some innate talent in writing the written word.

But that does mean I followed that one rule you see all over the how to write websites and books, that you have to write what you know and also be aware of the content of the place(s) you are submitting too.

But another aspect is that as you write a few pieces for a couple of websites or independently produced publications or fanzines, your network of editors, readers and others who know you can write a bit starts to grow, and that leads to more opportunity’s to write for even more outlets and expand your writer’s resume.

I started at Kasterborous and also was the short-lived fan fiction editor for a Doctor Who PDF fanzine, and when that quickly folded I was the editor on a fan based Doctor Who fiction project till a gentleman I had crossed paths with I the past came in and deemed all my plots and ideas stupid (Of course, they kept the companion I created and brainstormed with the others but why cry over burned bridges and spilled milk.), so I left the project.

A few years later after adjusting to being a step dad and father figure of two lovely children, I decided to take the writing thing a bit more seriously and did a couple more Doctor Who gigs, like Fish Fingers and Custard and the feature piece in the 20th issue of the fanzine Whotopia, which should be out pretty soon.

My work with Kasterborous led to doing a review on Stephen King’s novel Cell for The Little Shop of Dickens and also to being able to help out with the final phase of the Kasterborous book Ultimate Regeneration.

Shortly after, an old acquaintance dropped me a line and asked me for a double review for the first issue of the Doctor Who Fanclub of Brisbane’s first fanzine (Deadline looming!) and my work with Whotopia  got me invited to write for another television site called Television Heaven.

This plus my first paid work as co-editor and news writer for Cult Britannia as well as Associated Content and Brighthub accounts mean I have spread myself out in a short amount of time, all by continuing to write for whoever whenever to build a body of work that hopefully will lead to better and better gigs in the future.

I also plan to contact a bunch of the very small and local papers in my area to inquire about submission, as it never hurts to ask.

That enough of my rambling today, go back to your regularly scheduled web browsing, already in progress.

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