Update On All Projects & New Facebook/Email Info

Hello again (Yes, I’m talking to you, the one guy in his bathrobe who was waiting for a new post to appear in this space!).

It has been awhile since I have written, but just wanted to update this blog a bit as I intend on trying to be a bit more on the ball about it.

Anyway, since we last met, I have still been plugging away at news and reviews for Cult Britannia and doing the occasional piece for Kasterborous. But more importantly, I got paid a (Very) small fee for reviewing an e-book for an author. This of course leads to another addition to the credit list, and even better the author said he has an intern job opening up soon and he would consider me for the position based on the quality of my review.

Which leads me to the next bit.

I have begun work on my personal writing website and pretty much the largest dent in it, listing all the writing I have done since 2006 complete with links and in chronological order. Seems easy and it was, but it was also very time consuming.

Other projects have taken shape as well. The Severe Storm & Weather Phobias website finally has ‘broken ground’ and I expect it to be up by November 1st 2011 in some form or another. Hopefully this works out well. It is non for profit and designed to help people afflicted with barley recognized phobias about severe weather that I know all to well.

*Note: Neither of these sites are quite ready to go, I am placing the links above so they are easier to find later in ths blog. By the time November is here all should be complete.

Excuse our electronic dust in the meantime.*

Even though Severe Storm & Weather Phobias is not quite open to the public, it does have a Facebook Page that you can ‘like’, especially if you want more direct updates on what is going on with the site.

I encourage you to join and share the page so I can try to reach as many storm phobic people as possible. Thank you.

Ahh Facebook! Yes, the social networking monster also now has a Cult Britannia page as well, meaning for two clicks of a mouse you get all the best UK cult news and a chance to help spread the word for a great mental health cause! Isn’t technology wonderful? (Except for those awful songs made with Auto- tune, those machines should just be shot into space, directly into the Sun.)

So please join these two Facbook pages if you would, here and here. I’ll be back soon to discuss some other stuff with you in the near future. Very busy month, both in my personal life and in the writng world. Keep coming back, I’m sure it will be interesting.

One last thing…

I also have a new email that will be my ‘public’ email for anyone to contact me. that email is:


Time Will Tell,


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