The Viability Game

johnny_automatic_king_of_the_deadOne day a king, next day a peasant, you can’t relinquish the past and you hate the present.


One night a lover, next day a thief, the cold winds from unseen changes shakes the trees and the leafs.


One day remembered, next as quickly forgotten, even the ripest of fruits can show signs of rotten.


The viability game we all have to play,

Where you perform like an ant on display,

Where the waking hours might leave you in dismay,

When we disregard hearts and throw Avarice into the fray.


One day a father, next day a son, this war leaves wishes disregarded and the words cannot come.


One day of freedom, for one month of away, Still your altar is dirty and your logic has been sent astray.


One minute so clear, next minute so muted, to all present the reason goes undisputed.


It’s the viability game again you see,

When they see your aspect they run and decree.

That there is something amiss in him your deceived.

And yet the love they hold back is the cure to be free.


man sees ghost out wind

One day a dreamer, next day awake, you never knew how this could become such a cruel fake.


One day a scream, next day you will cry, for your presence has no value, reality does not deny.


One day will it lessen, one day will it go,placing empty days in stacks, lined up in rows.


The viability game, watches each action you take,

It reacts to your bounty, and the currents on your lakes,

Judging from a seat of silver and precious stones,

It knows everything about what you’ve got, but nothing about what you own.

Thomas Spychalski




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