To The Muse


There is nothing I can say that has meaning, when all I’ve done is make it meaningless.

Nothing I could write that will change past actions or make them not hinder, hurt or cause distress.

No excuses, no apologies can heal pathways of thought I have caused to appear,

Because the worst kind of person is the one who pushes away what they know is kinship sincere.

I still maintain that every masterpiece has it flaws, brushstrokes that cause breakdown or give pause, and even though I am still fighting for my cause, even though I have bruised that which once was.

Because for all the resources I’ve taken for granted or abused,

The most tragic of these is how I misused my muse.

Thomas Spychalski


10 Responses to To The Muse

  1. fredablooms says:

    So beautiful , simply amazing

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