Stunning Runner


I should be giving out love, instead, I give out pain,

years of regret and many victories yet still this stain.

I’ll make you love me till you hate me, then push away,

Once you see behind the mask you won’t want to stay, so anyway…


Beautiful, amazing and true, but how the hell can I compare to you?


Chase the one you seek in me and find out you’ve been burned,

Somewhere between where I impressed you and then negated you the feelings turned,

Out of the fire and running straight into the freezing ice,

How many chances can be given, when do we stop being nice?


Beautiful connections, part of a failed resurrection, but how can you see me through the blue?


I want you to hate me now, make me forget your glow,

Treat me like shit now, relaxing, ahh this I do know,

If I hide here I never do have to really try and see,

If all the love and boxed up gifts are real for me.


Wonderful liar stuck in the briar patch, waiting for the fire that lights that old match.


So confusing when all I wanted to put forward was the best,

Be counted among the living with all the rest,

Yet here I sit, frozen in time like a monument to the past,

Because I am afraid what is light could never really last.


Stunning runner, medal worthy race, but in the end, it is not any of you but me I chase.

Thomas Spychalski




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