Heavy thoughts in an enlightened mind,

One thorn when things turned kind.

Everything is all right, despite wishes,

Sometimes less is more, loss as riches.


Between, without and lacking doubt,

Outside is in, love becomes weak sin.

Between now and the lost forever,

Find the links, actions that tether.


Hardened by misfortune, now walls are weak,

Knock ’em down, they no longer speak,

Learning the hard way, my way of disbelief,

To find that at times you were that thief.


I am I know but what about the between?

Everything happens as it should, my soul is clean.

It is, it was and then will start again,

All will come to a resolution as long as we ascend.

Thomas Spychalski

3 Responses to Between

  1. I know. I find writing my poetry is therapeutic but it is also about sharing our experience too!

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