Analysis Paralysis

man-160034_640Information collection, no redirection, lost in reflection,

hate to mention, learn how to heal but leave the infection.

Knowledge is to be on the edge of knowing, so anger is now growing,

Screaming know it all, who damns his own heart, pain overflowing.


To know the answers, right here in your head,

Yet those voices still want you dead.

Oversimplification of stepping into the fire,

Yet the ‘they’ inside still call you a worthless liar.


Data without a cause, stagnation without pause, breaking natural laws,

He who does not stand crawls, he who hides builds his walls.

Understanding is to be standing under mistakes and blunders,

Damn the ego and jealous pride that just pushes you back under.


To see beyond the veils, right before your eyes,

Yet you only see misery and feel surprised.

Cause you can’t believe in love born internal,

Fading into black and white, no gray, nocturnal.


New pathways lit by flame, no one left to blame, wrapped in shame,

Yet still we continue to tame, the dreams screaming your name.

Healing always begins with ‘he,’ so it is you who cannot see,

Induced blindness, you bind your own hands so you’re never free.


To hear the words that could open that door,

Yet you treat yourself like a common whore.

When will you believe in the ‘you’ some can see?

Instead of the paralysis, false decree, fake plea?

Thomas Spychalski

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