Fish Out Of Water Sept 2016 (late posting)

imag1711This column is actually from last month, forgot to re-post it. The original version is here and in the near future I will be posting older columns that no longer exist in print or in Website form. 

It’s here again.

I love the Fall, it has to be my favorite season, even more than the hot and humid days of Summer.

Partially it might be because I was a ‘Fall Baby,’ being born towards the end of the month of October. It may also have to do with the fact that the season also includes the holiday of Halloween, which I have adored since I was a child.

Where I grew up in the Midwest, Fall is a much more colorful time then it is on the Gulf Coast (although I will take Winter in the Gulf over the snow and ice of the Midwest any day), a time of comfortable weather, falling leaves of all shapes and colors and also as said, being the season of my birth seems to hold a special regard for the season that is now at our doorstep.

Fall is also nature’s way of trying to teach us that all things pass, everything ends and loses its life, but with the promise that after Winter is over a new form of that life can also rise again.

Death is but a door, pain is but a lesson and loss is just a trial, a representation of our mortality and our limited time on this Earth. It also shows us that such loss is only part of the cycle of life that has existed on this planet for millions of years and will continue on in the same manner until the day our sun finally extinguishes its light.

Fall reminds us that it is OK to grow old, that everything beautiful about life is just as beautiful as life begins to decline and fade. Even if the ‘death’ is not mortal death but the death of a partnership, phase in life or ideal, it is not truly the end.

Recently, I approached the idea of Fall in the form of poetry:

Through rustling leaves, I walk along,
singing fully, with such a heavy song,
Chilled air reaches out to remind,
That at the end, none are blind.

Days grow shorter, reminder of the fading,
Final wonder, no chance to try evading,
Remind us now, that the story never ends,
For what is now gone will return to rise again.

It is a simple poem but filled with the feelings and meaning that Fall has come to represent in my heart.

All of us in life must go through our times when our own leaves fall to the ground, be it a lost love, a major change to our life routine or something as mundane as the ever present tick tock of time in our bodies.

Coincidentally, if you liked that poem you can follow the link below and find many other examples of my poetry and other works. Also, there is a very deep connection to Fall at my paranormal site News From The Spirit

However, the spooky stuff may be more appropriate in next month’s Fish Out of Water column…but feel free to drop in and say hello and take a look around and here’s wishing you a blessed and wonderful Fall.

Fall Briefly

Thomas Spychalski

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