Composite Compass

fall-treeOut on the western tip of the day,

wears such a face that cannot sway.

Out from the dusk of the eastern sun,

lies another, time forgot, un-begun.


Battle worn and weary it has weathered,

from every bad transmission tethered.

Hijacking signals from the correct soul,

never charged with the wares that it stole.


Hear they busted that old snake in the last alley,

someone carried over, but they missed the tally.

Forgotten rarities left so gaunt and unattended,

while the conductor cries about the notes he has blended.


Tying knots in sheets of freshly sharpened glass,

wrapping legs around those that wear a mask,

gasping in ‘Dali’ backgrounds that take me straight to task,

while greedily burning the disassociate grin in which I bask.


Into now the northern point of the omnipotent courage to brawl,

Stepping on backs of angels where the flung debris would fall.

Into the southern half of allied darkness just to beg to flee,

only to find you left it behind waiting on broken bended knee.

Thomas Spychalski

4 Responses to Composite Compass

  1. Just Me says:

    Darkly lovely.

    May I ask what inspired this?

    • Basically a lot of metaphors for a struggle, somewhere in-between one direction and another.

      In short, a lot of my past, present and future. The old snake for example is my father at the end of his life, the end of his ‘alley. ‘

      But thank you very much for enjoying it and giving me a couple nice compliments on these.

      It’s really appreciated. 😊

      • Just Me says:

        I just started following you. I’m really beginning to enjoy your poetry. Especially with the insight you gave, it helps me understand it more. Have a great day. 🙂

      • Just Me: Thank you so much for all of those words, it means a lot and I am glad you enjoy the poetry and that you started following for updates as well.

        I look forward to your future comments and if you ever have any questions or comments or the like, please do not hesitate to ask.

        Thanks again J.M. 🙂

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