Somewhere Between One And Zero

cropped-13977_792057887481995_1808920394835404646_n.jpgSomewhere in between one and zero, between the loser and the hero, feeling out of place.

Yeah it’s my fault but can you feel my disgrace?

So I’m told it’s me, then it never becomes truth, all the while I stand here waiting and now that I’m done just contemplating I can’t see it no more.

Misery dashed with me at manic, down and dirty feeling panic why I had to destroy…why I could not just enjoy.

Really despise I have another regret, something else to use when my mind begins to fret.

So please God next time/someday can I be one and not zero? Can I find a place in this space to be their hero?

And I can’t help but feel the good things never born, why did someone so beautiful have to be full of thorns?

-Thomas Spychalski



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