On My Own

cropped-404193_353356824685439_994789052_n.jpgThis day goes by like any other, from winter to summer, all alone day to day, can someone make the loneliness go away?


No one and nothing to do, life seems easier when it’s not just you. You’re thoughts can flow, others know that you’re here too.

Someone to care when life seems to hurt, someone to love when life would flirt. But here I am dealing on my own, this isolation buries me, I’m rotting down to bones.

I reach out but no one takes my hand, I retreat, I scream maybe I can make them understand. I can stab others and I’m sorry but no one could get life without, you never see another.


Scream it to the page, that same old rage from the child, the one that seemed to be filed, outside the circle, was told I was no good, now I’m suppossed to believe, just cause I can’t leave, this is as it should.


What can I do? Where can I turn? Every direction I try I burn. Who can I lean on on dark days that keep coming, the emotions that keep on clinging, I don’t wanba be asking so desperate and conspicuous, but the days are long,  nights are strong and the pain is capricious.

Any port to leave the storm? Can I stop being excluded become the norm? I’m just looking for someplace warm, because this life in me is getting worn away.

-Thomas Spychalski

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