The Stop

picsay-1475609560Chugging along as best as the engine can manage, not trying to think thoughts of woe and disadvantage.

Just trying to see past the blinding pain of the present, out from these times that bring nothing but discontent.


Then I stop, think and focus on lonely, nothing coming, just more running, To myself the one and the only…

Then I stop, drop and cannot roll with this, I have no more strength even to raise a fist, just get this over with, if all that I wish, is always amiss…

I stop, I sink, mind on the blink, I have nothing but my thoughts and plenty of lonely and empty days to think…

How can one man be so hated that he doesn’t deserve a reprieve, how can a man be satisfied when the world doesn’t care if he screams…for his needs…still he bleeds…and no way he can ever feed the need to not be so solitary, so very very out of circulation, round and round we go, no solutions just more hurtful contemplation.

Cause what do you do when the world confirms the worst thoughts in your head?

That the world is cold, there nothing here for you, you might as well be dead?


Sputtering now, cause this engine wants to die, what have we gotten for useless emotion, blind devotion and foolish pride?

Want to pull in for some needed service, I know I have the miles on my wheels to deserve this.

But the mechanics are elsewhere and the road is barren for miles.

-Thomas Spychalski

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