Survivalist Memes… (Valentine’s Day & Other Void-Scapes)

capturePeople suck.

They do, they really do.

Some try not to suck, they do the right things, follow the unwritten social rules and strive to see every person as an individual.

To those, I only smack you on the head when your survivalist is showing and only then when that hardwired code that was etched into all of our brains centuries ago begins to erode what I otherwise would say is pretty decent or in some cases evolutionary behavior, but then you had to go and fuck it up, by showing me that, like all animals, you only give two shits about yourself.

Today is Valentine’s Day, a holiday inspired more by retail and Hallmark to be sure, but one we still take seriously enough that if like me, you might as well be wearing a shirt that says ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’ while an arrow points down to your genitals and have not bathed since Bush JR was President of the United States when it comes to the opposite sex of your choice, it still stings.

wooden heartYesterday a friend from the UK on social media posted an ‘Anti-Valentine’s’ Day meme, one that filled me with joy and yes a lot of sour and bitter juices because of the Survivalist in my system that still requires Human contact.

Literally, having no friends I see in real life and less chance of getting a date with a woman then appearing nude in an artsy off-Broadway production of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, it was refreshing (and yes, bitter) to see someone else in the same predicament as I am, alone and a bit angered by it when much like Christmas and most porn sites, Valentine’s Day rears its head every second in January and February to remind you that you are alone..utterly alone.

*Sounds of rushing water*

Sorry, I had to bail out the tears there…ahem!

Anyway, some righteous ass-hat came on my friend’s post and asked him why he had to post such things, we were bringing down the enjoyment others get from the holiday.

My friend should just be quiet, sit in the corner like a good little boy and not express his frustration, lest it makes anyone else uncomfy and reminds them that not everyone is so blessed as they are.

Excuse me?

So I can sit here tonight, scroll past pictures of dates and presents and feel left out (is it Christmas again already)?

I can listen to the couple people I do talk to via electronic devices go on about their Valentine’s Day plans or talk about the latest person that has an interest in them, if not their long-time partner (is it the weekend again)?

It is like if you are unhappy no one really cares, because of the Survivalist inside their brains.


Then you get crap like this, which is just fluffy thoughts that do nothing really...

The survivalist is who tells you that as long as you are happy the rest does not matter. He will happily delete all thought of Syrian refugee children and homeless mentally ill vets (see what I did there left and right wingers?), carelessly toss aside moments when you realize this planet is quite fucked up, there are enough resources for everyone if only we would ditch…

The survivalist.

That every damn person on Earth deserves love in some form if only we would ditch outdated elements of ourselves.

Love, on the other hand, is never outdated but how and why we love is tied more to our obsolete modes of thought and estimation of value then it is for a more balanced, fair and free future.

Thomas Spychalski 

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