The Refusal

These are the words of refusal,

I leave them here for your perusal.

I won’t watch you let it burn,

You’ve been upfront too long, time you learned.


And so this time…

If you have something to say,

In that destructive way,

And when you scream the lies…those are fighting words, and I refuse to let you destroy all the hues, leaving me black and white with no gray.

So fight me, cause I refuse, to let you round.

(You ain’t gonna do it this time)


I’ll fight you, I don’t need you anymore.


And I thank you for that old protection, years of lovely introspection, the many ways we avoided detection, at the time a brilliant invention, cause it allowed you to save the special side.

But little boy blue we no longer need to hide.

We no longer should be living inside.

So if I told you I love you, really hold you, dear, would you believe the outside I can handle, drop the guise of fear?

Because I won’t let you do this again.

I felt the pain of stabbing the outside.


…and I refuse.

-Thomas Spychalski







2 Responses to The Refusal

  1. Suyash says:

    We all have the two self

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