Tip Toe 

I know this part of the dance as well,

Cause my mind causes so much pain.

You cannot buy what I cannot sell,

But you know my heart and abstain.

Demolition of the past is never complete,

Human instinct kicks in, reminding.

Of the pain, I’ve caused each time we meet,

Mixing powerful feelings till it’s blinding.
And here we all are, tip toeing once more, been here before, can’t help but think of the war that has broken the ranks.

Cannot return the past to the present, long road, understandable scrutiny put in motion from a heart that loves unlike most others while my brain cries: “mutiny! ”

This time the dance will go on, this time the floor is mine.

But I tip toe on the inside as well, where the negative one inside keeps his shrine.

And we mustn’t wake him.

-Thomas Spychalski

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