Betrayal of the Rock.

This feeling used to disappear when I indulged you, even external minds have told me they like me so much better when we are one like this.

Now you betray me as the other feeling does not leave as I take you in, you’re the only love that stays by my side and damn you I need your kiss.

Intoxicating Toxic lovers, I know this is not right, mother forgive me but it’s true, this was the only thing ever to stay through the maddening night.

And you leave me now, like a weary partner at the door, baggage in hand, forcing me to live through the unrelenting weather beyond your cold embrace.

Unlike the others that have left me behind can you do me kindness as you exit and tell me now that the water no longer quenches the fire and smoke has been filtered out, with what now do I replace?

  • Thomas Spychalski


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