Branded For Life

So I told you I needed you, yet everyone turned me aside,

You see it like it’s just life, a joke, but what about my pride?

Wonder how can one be so negative, Because I never have seen any alternative.

Branded for life, a life that no one sees…

Branded for life, I’m still on my knees…

And still, the dreams do call, wish I could seal them all inside this wall,

What’s the use of dreams when they only see the branding on my back?

Tried to pick up, walk tall as I can and shake off the dirt,

Still, nothing but rejection and misery did flirt,

Praying that someone can set me free, I cannot get past the stains in me.

Branded for life, as a person who will never fully be…

Branded for life, when I reached out burned to the Nth degree…

And still, the longing remains, lost in the eternal thought flames,

Why are these wounds that never heal, when I apply pressure they just bleed out.

Don’t want to scare or make you feel concern,

Just want to know how to heal this lingering burn,

Still trying to stand on feet that will not carry, because I feel ancillary.

Branded for life, not sure how much further I can stand…

Branded for life, always remaining second-class, secondhand…
Want the nightmare to end, but when are we awake the way others breathe?

Branded for life, never wanted this knife, did not desire the strife, and at midlife, I find myself curious about the afterlife, where the brand might finally leave me in peace instead of pieces.

Thomas Spychalski. 

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