Music: New Morning (Start Over)

Should be getting to posting four new tracks (Paralyze, Best in Show, The Destroyer and If He Could See, not that that matters to anyone at this point lol) between now and the end of 2017 and have a few more past recordings to post before then for this section and as this one has a backstory might as well start here, as there are three completely different versions of one song, for reasons to become apparent shortly…read on.


New Morning (Start Over) was originally written and conceived on one particular morning in the Spring of 2002 I will probably never forget. Having romance troubles (Which is the same subject matter as Hearts in Shade, written one week prior) and not being able to sleep always get creativity flowing in my experience music wise.

Recorded on the same four track Tascam Studio as ‘Hearts‘, I now consider this the inferior version mostly due to a crappy ‘solo’ [sic] section that sounds so damn simple and also just sounds horrible performance wise and does not really fit the flow and dynamics of the rest of the song:

There is also an audible sniff right before the vocals start…

Fast forward to 2012  when I was kicked out of a home of six years and forced to return to Chicago with my tail between my legs, my friend Jeff buys me a cheap twenty dollar acoustic guitar off Amazon and as a test of the guitar as well as the Snoball Mic I was bought as partial payment for being a podcast host/producer/sound boffin (And as you will see, that info is relevant to this post) and I decided to re-recorded this song raw with just the guitar, mic and only a couple vocal takes):

Now that podcast was based off a past friendship I made in the paranormal field and although the podcast itself was overly long and did not survive sadly, it was fun to do.

A third version of New Morning was recorded for the ‘out’ music of the podcast from episode three onwards, to hear it, you can either skip to the very end of this You Tube version of the third show or…

Just click on this handy dandy You Tube link below from my channel and listen to the Kiwi Version in full:

As always, comments, sharing and the like are welcome and encouraged and sorry for this one being so long winded.


“So you think that this life is over.

You sit around and drink and smoke and think it’s over.


It’s a New Morning you can start all over,

You can do it, just start all over again.

Oh again.


So they try and tell you cannot do it,

Just find something good to get you through it.


It’s a New Morning you can start all over,

You can do it, just start all over again.


So if you listen, you think there’s nothing inside,

You can do it, just carry on with pride.


It’s a New Morning you can start all over,

You can do it, just start all over again.

New morning like a birth of an age,

New Morning like the turn of the page,

New morning, You can start over again.


I can start all over,

You can start all over,

We can start all over,

Start all over again.”


*Slight variations in the three versions above lyrically, the biggest being the switch of ‘Smoke and Drink’ to ‘Pray and Dream’ for the Kiwi Version and the additional vocal line “find that sacred space inside’ on versions after 2002.

Thomas Spychalski 

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