Where My Heart Lies

Tonight was an apex moment, I feel them I do, not like a million other moments, I can feel them true. 

From Here I can feel the great swelling of change for the cause, I want to be that person my angels see without pause.

I stumble but I try and I don’t want to cause the angels more pain, but always but that little hard twist of my rain. 

Where My Heart lies is with you, what can I do? I’m picky with affection and deep love, yes it’s you, both I’m speaking of, cause I don’t play games when it comes to the only truth of love.

Doesn’t mean I wanna chase you, doesn’t mean I don’t see the wreckage after my storm, doesn’t mean I’m a fool but tell me truly angels, can I repair what I’ve done with you, can I reform?

Don’t want to hurt you again, I know what you see, know what you miss of me, the golden fruit that delights you, hiddin in my tree. 

Want to return so bad, fuck pride I need you two to be here, but I also need to see the love already given, ditch that old fear. 

Can you hear me my two angels, screw our human stupidity I love you both and you love me, as said the word don’t come cheap with me, I’ll always be here for my angels no matter what.

Fuck defining definitions for people you hold dear, I cry again love to you tonight on the edge of another dawn, I do want that bond I ignored back, but I’m afraid I’ll make you a pawn.
But from here, I’m willing to try if we do it right, tell me my two angels, can I heal what I’ve done…I miss you.

-Thomas Spychalski 

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