Love’s Leaf

From the Daily Writing Prompt on WordPress. 

Love is like a leaf.

It appears from out of nowhere like a hidden magic of the Spring and spreads fast, reaching high towards the bright revealing light of the sun.

The leaves grow until it becomes a part of us, mixture, the color born out despite the stagnation of our history and roots.

It can feed us well and makes us seem larger than life, fuller than the frame of the Human restraints of body and instinct that lie beneath love’s leaves.

Winds of change can take it from us, breaking the bonds that hold the leaves to our wooden skeletons, causing us to sway in the waves of the storm, calling for relief so we do not lose our proud majesty.

Seasons change as well for love’s leaf, the chilled fall air making once proudly vibrant leaves whither, before winter’s cold embrace reminds us that we are once again alone in the whitewashed cold, longing for encouraging breezes and warmer days that now seem like a fantasy.

Love’s leaf grounded, trapped under the ice of regret and loss, but yet again the sun will move closer to our cycles, a random spark will erupt inside the barren trunks of the Human heart and make them flare up again, and the fallen leaves of yesterday’s lost loves will only fertilize a new Summer’s cauldron of joy.

Thomas Spychalski 

Please visit the daily one word writing prompt of ‘leaf’ for more posts from this prompt and thanks for reading.

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