How Many Times?

How many times have I cried out in the city square, asking for guidance from those I tried to do in kind?

How many times have I wished for love since a child denied?

How many times did I see things that could heal, maybe for me on the inside of others I’m too bad to dig out?

How much more do I have to wish, how many days do I have to wait, just to be treated like I exist in the world like they do?

How many times do I have to pine away in silence just to be able to talk to someone?

How many times have I thought these thoughts, when all I want is to be free?

Because I’m starting to wonder how many more signs do I need before I finally get life holds no love for me?

Thomas Spychalski

6 Responses to How Many Times?

  1. Or you could be the one who loves you..

  2. mouse click on Scritter Guldhammer

    How Many Times? | TomSpy

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