Love & Cortisol

Chemical structure of cortisol (numbered).

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you wearing your essentials today?

The things that kill us, make us pray?

If I could I’d get rid of you both.


Neither do me any good,

Neither work like they should,

No longer want this oath.


It’s not like you have not given me good feelings,

But the aftermath always leaves me reeling,

and I am so sick of the losing, the backhanded abusing, that I just want you gone.


Such a shame as your supposed to be one of the best things in life,

But never for me is that loving heaven of kinship, just a stab in the back with an another knife,

So you can pack your bags love, take the last train out of my town,

I don’t need it hanging on, bringing me down.


Yet still, I believe,

Still, I self-deceive,

Those things will improve,

Another lie I’ll regret when they drop the same old groove,

From these broken feelings, I should remove.

Thomas Spychalski 

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