Forgivness, Pride, and Other Jesters

Ain’t it a shame when shit just goes this way,

Something was torn, something fractured, something burnt badly.

Things you must fight for, but you will pay,

One thing Trusted, two things abused, three things madly.


I want that forgiveness however it comes,

Because in the end, it’s always the ones,

That save your life,

It’s always the ones,

That you kiss and kill twice.

That means the most, deep in longing,

That is the muse of the songs,

Still, however, we now gotta have standards of action,

Petty souls and thoughtless distractions,

Not ashamed of my words of action,

But rather how I decided to be bold,

Yeah, this shit gets old,

Just sorry for the way my truth to how I felt was told.

Ain’t it a twisted old bitch when gold tarnishes,

Mined it out, sold it off, bought the lot.

Pride is the devil in the center of us all,

Maps burned, treasures yearned, ‘X’ stirs the pot.

Thomas Spychalski 

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