The Girl With The Golden Heart

I knew this woman, what a beautiful soul, hard to imagine, but time you know,

You’ll always be with me, forever in my heart, and even locked doors we one day all pass will never keep us apart,

Please don’t think I never heard the words you say, you will be with me until my final day…

You’re the girl with the golden heart,

And you had me from the start

if I could cast a magic spell,

I would save you from drowning even if I face hell.

I saw straight away, how kind was your face, losing that smile in my life was my disgrace,
You will be here forever, trust me I will make you name shine, and I will fix me, get strong, dust off this grime,
Please believe my faith in good, I don’t why stories don’t end up like they should…

For the girl with the golden heart,

And you had me from the start,
If I could go back in time,

I’d breathe you in myself make it all rhyme.

No one will understand the pain, the psycho part of my brain like you..just you…
No one can truly see, what broke inside of me, just you, and we do…we do…
I can tell you know, post it to the world, a  declaration.
That despite the pain of the outside chaos, when we were happy you made peaceful and kind…but we can’t rewind.
So this one is for you my dear, I promise sweetie no more tears, no fears, cause of…

The girl with the golden heart,
Painted like a rare piece of art,
If I could save the day,
I would wipe it all away.

Girl, with the golden heart.

Thomas Spychalski 

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