And I Ask Myself

Recent days after being lost in the haze,
Multiple points of love and praise.
Still, I ask myself,
What about those old ways?

Random thoughts I must silence,
Outward I shine, internal pestilence,
Still, I question,
The inner self-violence.

Am I who you all see?
Is this being truly free?
And I ask myself,
Wrapped in fate,
Is this where the narrative changes?
Or is already too late?

Late night owls cry out for prey,
Nightwalker, hide in light of day,
Still, I tempt myself,
With monsters held at bay.

New morning I said before,
Through the mirror, the core,
Still, I ask myself,
Is this reality or lore?

Am I truly who you see?
Losing my angels and muses,
Fight on, the mind refuses,
To ask me the question,
Underneath the fuses of design…who am I to deserve this?
Thomas Spychalski 

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