Never Never

Am I deserving of this love and praise?
Cannot see my heart through the Haze.
You see I always take the strain,
Some parts of my tired brain,
Have come to close to insane,
But ironically its the madness you may love.

Never, the madness of pain, but the madness to save.
Never, the drenching of rain, But something to stave off the dark.
Hear my heart, Broken people lead the parade,
Fear from the start, Can we drop the charades?
It’s all I ever asked from the start, are we not better than misleading games?

Here I sit, thrones at ready, always been there any way you see,
Sucked from me an early sense of worthy, now we sift hilariously sad debris.
So I can change the record on the rockola, I can somehow from broken glass inspire,
Have you ever watched me overthink, cripple myself and conspire?
Beads on the forehead, perspire when it becomes time to enjoy mine?

Only the broken know the way out with fewer bruises,
Like the wicked see well more than a good man ever uses,
Outside the norm, the tress grows its eternal roots,
Damned, you may know the vines, but not the shoots.

Guess I’m confused, why do you see light in these crumbled shards,
While I know I am getting better, it seems to come in inches not yards.
Doors I sealed shut, lessons to be repeated, meant to be for me,
Give you eternal puzzle, tease you with gold, why can’t I let myself be?
Thomas Spychalski 


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