Will And The Won’t Dare

Sell me on Peter Pan sacred words from the normal,
Doesn’t matter the dress be it casual or formal,
This is my home, this is where I reside,
Lack of movement, no more pride.

Cannot tell you the last time I think I won,
If the heart is weightless, sickness weighs a ton,
Wasted days, morality plays, a loaded gun,
Empty beds, empty days, out of it no fun.

Would you love me, if I was all you see,
Tempted, but pre-empted, never free,
Torture, self-realized,
Mind, self-agonized,
No money to play, no even a booby prize.

Tell me of worlds I’ll never live in till expire,
Teach me of  your burn, but I will never fire,
Untreated, unwanted, I am not blind,
Here you are telling me how kind…it can be.

Not, never, always, forever, eternity, not for me,
Not the man you want, from printed worlds you see,
Love this mind, but whoever loves the flesh,
Show me, show me, but nobody has as of yet.

So you want me to wait for a stupid fantasy come dream,
I loved fully, rejected, not protected, and I scream,
What’s the use of loving that painted avatar,
When no one viewing can see past the scars?

Please, I love more than you could ever understand,
Sit here in the dark, loving, no one to take my hand,
This existence shallow, no one ever to share the road,
I can shine, but by the divine, no one ever wants what I show.
Thomas Spychalski

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