Logic Persists

Used to think there was something special to me,
Used to think someone would see.
Back then now and again, I felt beautiful,
Before I knew what time had in store for me.

Then logic persists in my head to take a look around,
Ain’t no one here son, you better place them feet beneath the ground.
I guess we just waited in vain, for the sun through the rain,
For a cure for the pain and all the shame.

How can I believe when everything I do just crumbles?
Why keep going, just to shift this heavy rubble?
Where is our safe haven, where is our port of call?
When does trying turn to that faithful lying from all?

Logic persists with its twists, proves I’m absent,
Thoughts of whit, taking your hits does nothing to impress.
Logic persists I’m still a mess, and time just moves on without me,
Just wanted a taste of what is taken for granted, for the enchanted,
But logic persists…
Thomas Spychalski 


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