Lonely in a Four Wall

Same as it was long ago, lonely in a four walled cell, how’s the weather here, you don’t wanna know, in here it rains hell.

Days go by, weeks pass on, months filter through, I once had hope, now all gone, this is the one heart never due.

Not sure how long this house of cards stands, don’t want to have redemption, just life in my own hands, but life denies me each day of dreams and plans of my invention.

Never wanted to rot away in silence, but light has been defiant, never wanted the inner violence, but now all the suns shine behind it.

Tomorrow is the same as yesterday, today is the same as back then, I guess this is the price double paid, for being given this poison pen.

Mother help me to understand, why it is always so cold, I never wanted more than to be a normal man, instead here I sit, wasted, old.

Such simple things you take for granted, and even plain abuse, I feel you must have been enchanted, someone gave you clues.

I know I’m not the only one, riding alone forever, but each wasted hour leaves another to be done, hard to keep it together.

So as my final words blurred by tears, are put on this page, I don’t think anyone ever heard, the pain behind this rage.

-Thomas Spychalski


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