Stone Dead Sober

Push through the daily, open and closing accounts, make up your tally,
The mask does not show the pains of mind and body, constant steady rains.
Empty home as it always has and will be, the mindless drone of empty rooms,
Hold on,  jars are empty, no room on Mars, now how the hell do I sleep with these scars?

Don’t leave me here with myself, I don’t like him either,
Won’t leave the wounds alone, keep picking till they bleed.
Can’t see without my rose colored glass or smoke-filled cast,
Shant move because I am scared and don’t know how to do what you do.

The fears of being stone dead sober,
A story that’s been read over and over,
Anything, anything, to drive the mind away,
Anywhere, anywhere, so very sorry I can’t stay.
Thomas Spychalski 


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