If there was a place of leaving,
Just any way out of here will do,
It makes the pain lose it’s meaning,
The only oracle I have to cling to.

Wretched circle, leave me be,
Take your kit and walk away.
But I am you as you are me,
Which is why you always stay.

Apparition in the truest sense,
Dead and haunting is all you are.
Yet twisted logic comes to defense,
Hence you being my seeing star.

I hate you for making me love you,
An addiction these thoughts feed.
Same scenes, joys are ever few,
So you must give me what I need.

Mouse in the wheel going round again,
No cage needed we have experience.
Even stone moves now and then.
Then you make your reappearance.
Thomas Spychalski 


3 Responses to Locks

  1. pvcann says:

    This I know, mouse in a wheel

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