A lesson repeated over the last few weeks: It is impossible to be anyone but you, and I, I am kind, true to my beliefs, and generally ‘good’ if that word means anything…that doesn’t make that task easy, sometimes makes it very unfulfilling when there are some gaps, some things never are seen or heard or felt, and sometimes just sometimes, the lights we shine can leave us feeling very very cold.

Sometimes it seems the brighter you are the colder it gets…maybe that is because you are at times supposed to turn that light to illuminate the inside, but I need some oil, been a long time since that lamp has turned…it’ll move in time, but not without a bit of elbow grease and force of will.

However, regardless of scrapes, bruises, and scars, when you scrape away the shielding It is still a choice of how one reacts and what one chooses to be…their truest self or someone else, and to tell the truth, for every time I lose, even if I don’t, I would rather be me than anyone else ever created…because there is only one of those after all and it has some very nice features if you get a good look at the specs…dents, rust, broken hinges, dirty windows and all…
Thomas Spychalski

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