Value Signaling

First, they come and give you hope,

Awaken things inside you buried six feet under,

Think there is a new way to cope,

Forget to gut check, now you just blunder.


Next, they see the hidden secrets in the dark,

Truths that kill, anything and everything forward moving,

They take away that light, kill the spark,

Never adding, nor encouraging, just always proving.


Plaything of your ego I am I guess,

Check marks to make you fill the pool so shallow,

Nothing but abuse in disguise, but I digress,

Should know they telegraph, no need to foreshadow.


You never signal me virtues, just my value,

Can you, will you, don’t you, shall you?

Burn me at the stake, will he float after all?

Flattened wheels never spin, just stall.
Thomas Spychalski



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