Onomatopoeiaic Representation

Could I hear a little bit?
Swear it’s not forbidden.
Out here it’s so cold,
Right where I’m hidden.

Could I get a little bit?
Tell you it’s never…now mind.
Ego worthless with no wins,
From no future to rewind.

Could I taste a little bit?
Turn down the salt and seasons.
Pray it can happen, empty skies,
Can you at least lay blame and reason?

Could I feel a little bit?
Not all just a little touch.
No one here to shoot my shit,
Though I shot yours so much.

Use me till I feel it at least…
Northbound acid slathered beasts…
Cold fire is warm but no heat…
Tired of keeping it all wrapped in soundless sheets…

Thomas Spychalski


3 Responses to Onomatopoeiaic Representation

  1. Kait King says:

    Emotive, seductive and relatable, thank you!

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