One day I awoke without any reasons, what a horrible feeling I have held at bay,
There seem to be no rhymes in my seasons, and it has always been this way.
Why should one walk on a path where there is never any light?
How can one continue on alone night after weary night?

Old devils tell me there will be peace at last, once we have reached the final point,
Nothing to be done, no spells to cast, no one to love and no experiences to anoint.
The weight is getting heavier and I’m tired of the never-ending pain,
The days just drag out and blur, no sunshine to break up the rain.

Reasons have come to sit on my chest, the better they tell me to finally have solace,
The only thing left is the small glow which used to fill my breast, and an ever promised key to our kingdom, our polis,
Reasons slip from one side of my scale to the other,
You may think it is insanity, but the pain is always there for me, even if it smothers.
Thomas Spychalski 




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