Honest Monsters

I need a voice to hear my misery,
I need someone to fix then delete.
Wishing and wanting for roses and thorns,
Someone’s pain to heal then compete.

Honest words from a monster in hell,
Gold and jewels always buried beneath.
Love you to hate when you don’t fit,
Even the gods among us have sharp teeth.

The words written here, no longer give a damn,
Lost too many times to roll any cursed dice.
What’s the use in the vacuum illness causes me,
Where if I love once, I get chained up twice?

Liar on the good side, average everyday Halloween,
Costumed in period pieces of scars never healed.
Savior on your best days I let you in past the covers,
You started to care, my god so sorry, your fate was sealed.
Thomas Spychalski

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