Magnets On Mute

You chase me around the set pieces when your missing,
But you have to run when you are all front and center.
Banish you to the back when you jump out the seat,
Isn’t it time for better directions, take the wheel?

Confusion sets in, when mutual justification goes astray,
I tell you thoughts you could never buy into in bulk.
While you make me feel there is light in this dark,
No one speaks out of code, translation denied.

So here we are the third time around truth never spoken,
Unsure if there are ever really easily done answers,
Out here in a world of sheep dressed like wolves,
But shepherds can only herd what is known.

I can go full nuclear confession, probably what I’ll do,
Because I love when you come knocking on my door,
Truth be told doors that stay locked never open,
And criminals only see what they steal.

Chopped in half, come clean or banish it all deep down,
Desperately don’t wanna lose that energy that flowed,
Between two sun-shaped receptors lacking pieces,
Desiring more but don’t wanna lose the feel.

A thousand cheers and two million riddles sussed out,
Where do you go when little bits of happiness leave?
I’ll let you chase and retreat over and over again,
Be it I’m a fool or someone who sees something that could be right.

Carpe Diem to you.
Thomas Spychalski 

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