Naturally Dancing

Naturally, she came in through frayed wires,
Delectable mind and a new heart from stone.
Haphazardly I could not resist but to join her,
Varied fairy tales read in the exact same tone.

Hypnotically intoxicating this happy little madness,
Where none can touch anything does not belong.
The feeling here under waves of broken history,
Know even if our voices crack we will hear the song.

Perfectly it came on like a storm without a warning,
Rain washing away what all the coarse never could.
Methods used are those of a kindred polarity risen,
Two souls hearing silent sounds, never misunderstood.

Pragmatically there will be those with no true senses,
Asking queries that will never be able to hear a reply.
Sensibility is a word for those afraid of locked doors.
Or those unable to hear a natural matches sweet cry.
Thomas Spychalski

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