Where And Were

Things you’re not allowed to experience or express,
Moments and days locked up alone times of strain and stress.

Why does this universe tease me, that there is something beyond misery and pain,
Shelter me and set me afire only to toss me right back out in the rain.

Pressure on because of all life throws at me, try to cop with it with nowhere for me to call home,
All I get are memories and broken down dreams and promises now part of history’s tome.

Not sure why it’s gotta be so lonely out here in the dark, why we have to cry behind shades,
Or why illusions and ghosts of what I can never have and spells unbroken never to be paid.

‘Why’ does not cover all on this lonely night I wish I did not have to try and survive,
What is better asked, what’s the point of being here in a world with no love, without sweet moments inside the chaos that make us feel alive?
– Thomas Spychalski

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