March 13, 2019

A lesson repeated over the last few weeks: It is impossible to be anyone but you, and I, I am kind, true to my beliefs, and generally ‘good’ if that word means anything…that doesn’t make that task easy, sometimes makes it very unfulfilling when there are some gaps, some things never are seen or heard or felt, and sometimes just sometimes, the lights we shine can leave us feeling very very cold.

Sometimes it seems the brighter you are the colder it gets…maybe that is because you are at times supposed to turn that light to illuminate the inside, but I need some oil, been a long time since that lamp has turned…it’ll move in time, but not without a bit of elbow grease and force of will.

However, regardless of scrapes, bruises, and scars, when you scrape away the shielding It is still a choice of how one reacts and what one chooses to be…their truest self or someone else, and to tell the truth, for every time I lose, even if I don’t, I would rather be me than anyone else ever created…because there is only one of those after all and it has some very nice features if you get a good look at the specs…dents, rust, broken hinges, dirty windows and all…
Thomas Spychalski

Bad Luck Blues

June 27, 2018

I swear I have the worst luck, and for this post, for a ‘real-life’ section that has been neglected since I created it, we might as well start here.

(And honestly, have no one else to tell these things to or talk to about it, so I’ll post it to the internet in lonely desperation.)

I feel like one of those people that are almost cursed, nothing ever works out to a positive outcome and even if I do try, something always gets in the way to make it a negative experience.
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November: Month of Blistered Typing Fingers

October 29, 2017

On a catch up ‘day’

I am a glutton for punishment.

Last November, I ‘won’ NaNoWriMo, and even though that sounds like I contracted a rare tropical disease, it actually just means I wrote 50,000 words of the first draft of a novel by writing every single day in November (I am not gonna lie, I missed day one to three and played catch up several times but if there is one thing I can do, its drone on baby, especially in text format!) for National Novel Writing Month.

That was actually kind of a nice way to get motivated to actually knuckle down and kick out a book that has been in my head in some form or another since the late nineties at least. So of course, I plan on doing it again next month and although the daily word count does sort of flow from me once I am ‘warmed up,’ tackling the assorted tasks and mishaps that can come in writing the first draft of a novel is not easy if you have never tried it yourself.

So earlier in the week I was browsing around for something to inspire me so even in the not so perfect situation I am currently living in, I have no ‘zero days,’ even if the day itself was a lonely, boring, and painful day from hell.

In the process, I caught another of them there funny tropical diseases with the funny names: NaBloPoMo.

National Blog Posting Month…a post each day in November.

Now, where this new strain of writing motivation stands, I have a couple of easy ways out.

I sometimes publish fiction and poetry here from the WordPress Daily Writing Prompt, so there is a few at the very least. The majority of the content here is poetry, which flows from me like running water honestly and I always wanted to implement and post about the content of the book Thirty-One Days to a Better Blog on a day by day, post by post basis, but that may be umm…postponed.

However, I also decided to, with the handy aid of writer’s intuition to hopefully make the content accessible and readable, write a bit about my own life and the challenges within it.

Being the tidy sort that likes to keep his websites organized, that is why this new section: Effigies Vitae Meae was created.

Additionally, will also be writing more about what I see going on around me in the world, especially in modern times, which honestly just seems to get scarier and weirder as well.

Ideas for this section are already in place…watch this space.

Thomas Spychalski 



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