Survivalist Memes… (Valentine’s Day & Other Void-Scapes)

February 15, 2017

capturePeople suck.

They do, they really do.

Some try not to suck, they do the right things, follow the unwritten social rules and strive to see every person as an individual.

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Self Composite Sketch

December 6, 2016

They took the eyes of a clear-headed man, he would see no bias and could also see with clarity how foolish every society around him was because they refused the greatest gift, the gift of themselves, which would later be a great source of irony.

Heart of tarnished gold, made that way by the smoke burnt down below, in some ways a treasure in the world as it is now and in others an overcompensating parody of what the heart does, dipping into contracted tyranny.

Mind ‘scattered’ with gifts to be sure, but this one had been rocked, this one had been rolled, words and notes can flow like a fastly moving stream, complex thoughts lead to a wondrous and misunderstood place where the greatest of man has arisen before, but yet the pain that has throbbed forever has never fully abated.

In the mind, there are gifts but also unwanted property, a million insults programmed in the pathways of daily creation, deadly mantras that in horror feel like breath, for even as the memories remain and time works its fading magic, the truest truth remains, it was never the world, but the mirror he truly hated.

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Top Ten Reasons Donald Trump Became POTUS

November 10, 2016

david_letterman_top_ten_featuredSadly David Letterman is gone from our television screens. So here is the ‘Top Ten’ list you know Dave was running through his head while he watched the results come in.

Sooo..Top Ten Reasons Donald Trump Became President of the United States in the traditional ‘Late Night/Show’ style.

donald-trump-funny-hair#10: Having a few beers and making crank calls to nuclear missile launching sites and yelling: “Defcon one!”

#9: Free international long distance to talk to his buddy ‘Putin.’

#8: The Interns.

#7: Using the Secret Service to pick up his dry cleaning.

#6: Plans to rename Washington D.C. ‘Trump-land.’

#5: Something to hold over people’s heads at his next high school reunion.

#4: Presidential Bath Towels.

#3: Melania needed something to go with her new white dress.

#2: Finally running something that has some longevity.

#1: And the number one reason Donald Trump became President of the United States is: Being able to grope women in the White House and blaming it on ‘Lincoln’s Ghost.’

Thomas Spychalski

Fish Out Of Water Sept 2016 (late posting)

October 17, 2016

imag1711This column is actually from last month, forgot to re-post it. The original version is here and in the near future I will be posting older columns that no longer exist in print or in Website form. 

It’s here again.

I love the Fall, it has to be my favorite season, even more than the hot and humid days of Summer.

Partially it might be because I was a ‘Fall Baby,’ being born towards the end of the month of October. It may also have to do with the fact that the season also includes the holiday of Halloween, which I have adored since I was a child.

Where I grew up in the Midwest, Fall is a much more colorful time then it is on the Gulf Coast (although I will take Winter in the Gulf over the snow and ice of the Midwest any day), a time of comfortable weather, falling leaves of all shapes and colors and also as said, being the season of my birth seems to hold a special regard for the season that is now at our doorstep.

Fall is also nature’s way of trying to teach us that all things pass, everything ends and loses its life, but with the promise that after Winter is over a new form of that life can also rise again.

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If Donald Trump Was A…

October 13, 2016

Grocery Store Produce Manager: “You know, I automatically stock the tomatoes. I just start stocking them, I don’t even wait. And when you’re the produce manager they let you do it. Grab ’em by the boxful.”donald-trump-funny-hair

Flight Attendant: “I better give the safety briefing, just in case we crash. You know, I automatically put on the fasten seatbelt light, like a pro. I just put it on, I don’t even wait for the captain to do it. And when you’re going to be at ten-thousand feet, they just let you do it, you can tell them anything. Grab under the seat for the flotation device, you can tell them anything.”

UFC Fighter: “I better put some talcum powder on my hands, just in case I get to do a submission. You know, I automatically go for the submission, I don’t even wait. And as it is a UFC match, they just let you do it, you can do anything. Grab ’em and put them in a rear naked choke, you can do anything.”

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Being On Time

October 6, 2016

alzheimers-63610_640Time keeps moving forward and yet I lose track of it as it starts to rush together and I am trapped somewhere it does not exist any longer because the days are the same as the nights and the weeks are the same as the months.

I forget the meaning of time because it all becomes the same. Midnight might as well be noon, spring might as well be winter.

No markers to place to define time, no events to displace the sense of the endless tone, ringing the same note forever.

No faces and no voices to disperse the sense that this place is eternally mine, wrapped around the coil of stagnation and the realization that for some, time hurts.

It was just Summer, it was just happening, it never happened, you were just here, you were never here at all.

Waiting and waiting and time keeps moving but it does not change…and still the clocks tick away silently mocking me as it goes.

Thomas Spychalski

The Day The Towers Fell…

September 11, 2016

In history, there are a few moments where it seems people always seem to remember where they were and what they were doing as it occurred or when they heard the news.

twin-towers-new-yorkPearl Harbor, the assassination president of John F. Kennedy and Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon.

While not being old enough to remember the events and tragedies mentioned above, like all other generations my own had its share of days that would indeed live on in infamy.

I barely recall John Lennon being shot and killed by a crazed fan named David Chapman and recall with horror watching the NASA space shuttle Challenger exploding shortly after launch due to an O-ring failure.

Nothing would compare though with the tragic events of September, 11th, 2001 however when I along with the rest of the world watched thousands of people die in a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center’s twin towers.

This article will not focus on the history or the cause of the tragedy, but rather on my personal recollections of the event.

Additionally, there will not be any of the conspiracy theories that have sprung up around that event after the fact. Despite always keeping an open mind (Just see my other website for proof of that) and having some very non-conformist political beliefs, on this day it is better to focus on what we know happened that day, which was massive loss of life and the shattering of the safety net we as Americans had been living under for over half a century.

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