Scheduling Yourself

December 22, 2010

I have come across a small dilemma recently.

I am very proud to be the current main news writer and co-editor of Cult Britannia, as well as trying to take on other things, such as branching into short fiction.

However, as time goes on I find myself constantly falling behind, due mostly to the fact that I have to hold down a regular forty hour a week job besides the writing and I also have to have some kind of life, even though that life consists mainly of reading various things and hanging out at the Amityville Horror Truth Board.

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Fanzines, the Net And Networking

December 2, 2010

As a person and an author I am not by far one of these writer’s that should be writing one of those wordy articles that tell you how to get it together and be published. Truth be told, I got my first gig because I was a huge Doctor Who fan and (Modesty modesty!) at least had some innate talent in writing the written word.

But that does mean I followed that one rule you see all over the how to write websites and books, that you have to write what you know and also be aware of the content of the place(s) you are submitting too.

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Cult Britannia Arrives! (At least for me)

November 24, 2010

I am pleased to announce that I will play a large part in both the creation of content and the editing of the content on Cult I feel fortunate and excited about this opportunity to spread out from the Doctor Who and get the experience of working with other writer’s content and doing a little editing.

So far things have gone well as far as recruiting writers for reviews and articles on all things UK Sci-Fi, horror and all other f0rms of media that fall under the umbrella of “cult”.

If you yourself have a submission or would like to write for Cult Britannia, please drop me a line at this email:

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First Post: The Adventure Begins!

November 18, 2010

It would figure that the first post of this blog would happen while I’m being lazy and not going at full speed.

But anyway welcome to the blog, I will try to keep it as entertaining and informative as I can. Today the only entertaining thing is that this post is being written on a (Wait for it…) BUS! That’s right you heard correctly a bus!
Try to contain your excitement for the rest of the post please.

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