Balancing Act

August 23, 2016

Behind the eyes untouched emotions swell,

Spinning lies to try and return to familiar territory.

Again we push it down for we don’t know what to do, who to tell,

Repeated madness that went from pain, to survival to mandatory.

Fighting the internal realm where both the birth and the death blur,

Horizons never to be reached because I am calling myself back with all the hurt.

Concentration focused not on the present but past then the shades stir,

To a place where my beauty and my ignorance bond and begin to flirt.

Crying out to the gods for a just a little bit of needed balance in the cards,

Experiences that will enhance my path and spark determination.

Although even when the sun rises I will break it down into tiny shards,

A blind balancing act caused by decades of self hate and emotional misappropriation

Yet I know true balance is self created within… I still feel the unbalanced ticks of time passed outside of our world.

-Thomas Spychalski



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