Bad Luck Blues

June 27, 2018

I swear I have the worst luck, and for this post, for a ‘real-life’ section that has been neglected since I created it, we might as well start here.

(And honestly, have no one else to tell these things to or talk to about it, so I’ll post it to the internet in lonely desperation.)

I feel like one of those people that are almost cursed, nothing ever works out to a positive outcome and even if I do try, something always gets in the way to make it a negative experience.
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Seating Arrangements (A Tale of Woe and Discomfort)

December 24, 2011

I have a nemesis.

It can stop me from working longer than a couple of hours at my desk, it stops progress on both The Severe Storm & Weather Phobia website as well as my personal writing site. It halts me doing long involved posts for Cult Britannia and even worse scares me away from doing any kind of fiction writing as its powers are too strong to resist.

But my greatest enemy in writing well and often is not writer’s block, not a fear of rejection by editors or webmasters, not even the horrors that are editing and proofreading.

No my enemy is a cheap twenty-dollar ‘student chair’ from Wal-Mart that kills my back and my left knee and allows for no leaning back while deep in thought (Bad enough I can’t smoke cigars at my desk!) or long sessions trying to beat Castlevania: Lament Of Innocence on the PS2 either (Which perhaps is not a bad thing?).

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