Love, Hate, Redemption

September 9, 2016

168542_179581695396287_100000333747432_466736_5310900_nGuide me to answers, for why my crown is faded,

Lead me to reasons, why my heart is so jaded.

Normalcy seems so far-fetched, out of reach,

When nothing connects, cannot hear the words you preach.


Love, hate, redemption,

Walls, barbed wire heart, protection.

Look around, no one has my reflection,

When good things falter, infection.


Lead me to waters, I need to drink deep,

Rivers run dry, heart moans, stomach leaps,

Same old song, same old moves, cannot dance,

Wanting, wasting, forever guessing, what’s the chance?

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WiseThought of the Day # 2

July 18, 2016


“Physical beauty is only as attractive as the beauty that also resides within, for an ugly soul shines through the most persistent of veils.”


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