Wise Thought of the Day # 13

February 11, 2018

…For something to be born so dark, it must have fallen from a great source of light.”– TWS Fish Out of Water column/Feb 2018

Wise Thought of the Day # 11

January 11, 2018

“If one feels privileged to stand in the light of the master, one should realize he is a student on his way to BECOMING a master.” –Thomas Spychalski

Wise Thought of the Day #6

September 6, 2016


“Out of all the treasures we seek in life, there is nothing so precious or so scarce as reciprocated romantic love.”


Love of Any Kind

August 1, 2016

wooden heartI’m sitting here in the deep dark black,

wondering if I’ll ever get back again…

Riding on a wave of self sorrow,

Yesterday and tomorrow I deny a friend.


A world on the brink of disaster,

Eroding faster and faster in dirt….

Collectively being so broken,

hatred being a token born of hurt.


Yet through all of the darkened thoughts above,

The only way out comes back to simple love.

And all the peacemakers shake their minds,

and the bastards of war break their spines…


On thoughts of love, be it yours or mine,

it always comes back to love of any kind.

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July 13, 2016

I don’t understand why people are lonely,IMAG1886
In an overpopulated world,
Don’t understand why the bad people,
Avoid the grinding spin and the whirls.

I don’t understand people going hungry,
When we just throw food away,
Don’t understand the misery,
we are causing everyday.

I don’t understand why people are homeless,
In a world of empty spaces.
Don’t understand the tragedies,
Between the gender and races.

We have lost the plot, all for naught,
Simple thing of greed.
thinking possessions are life,
and all wants are needs.

I can’t explain, my own disdain,
For the things we try to do,
Everything was free by the gods,
Yet here we are are writing I.O.U.s

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