Wise Thought of the Day # 14:

February 24, 2018

“Love is something that can be held but never kept if you hold too tightly, love is a mixture of two breathing souls that must learn to breathe in rhythm, love is like painting a landscape with two brushes, not quite knowing what valleys and mountains the other party might paint, but just knowing you have to see the finished picture.” – TWS18

Writer’s Serenade

January 26, 2018

I want to make love to you with words,
Get down and grease you up in dirty verbs.
Talk about ‘freak’ but haven’t you heard,
This is the new sex darling, not so absurd.

Let me take you to places only I can imagine,
We can live there in decent/indecent fashion.
Buckle those head belts, seats securely fastened,
This love cannot be severed or rationed.

Let me sentence you, to sentences of English lust,
Don’t believe that skin, but in the soul, we must.
Wipe off that vanilla scent of redly golden rust,
Besides truly in the inner and outer who do we trust?

Paragraphs laid out in sweet dark temptation,
Take my hand, equal now, no more trepidation.
My prowess is my head, a nasty beautiful reputation,
Don’t try to reason now, lost in bliss, no equalization.

Follow along through the once created rabbit hole,
Don’t you see your hidden prominent godly role?
If I put you in words, you’re my heart and my soul,
Now tell me sweetly, do you really wanna go?
Thomas Spychalski

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Beyond Superficial

October 8, 2017

Really quick and rough fiction from today’s daily word prompt ‘Superficial.’


Jonathan Barnes was only twenty-three years old but he knew better, no matter what everyone told him when he brought up the subject of Catherine Belle. Catherine was a beautiful woman, the kind of person everyone knew had the upper hand due to what others might term as ‘genetic luck’ but Jonathan knew better than that.

His friends would poke fun at him when his feelings and thoughts about Catherine leaked out into the open, because of affection, the one emotion no one really should repress if it is of the healthy and objective variety, has a way of escaping it’s confinement to be blurted out across nervous speeches and bold gestures. They would make fun of him for loving what to the more lustful than loving was nothing more than a trophy, a conquest; a place they could plant a flag and claim superiority of their peers based on instincts belonging to a less gentle and knowledgeable age.

Jonathan, however, could notice the little things other seemed to just let pass them by. A beauty that is appreciated by many is either the result of a gorgeous lie or a plainly visible truth and in the case of Catherine Belle, the case could definitely be made for truth over lie being the cause of her popularity. No one hated Catherine the way they might others with her appearance and poise, but it was because there was no trickery going on.

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Mistress Loneliness

October 3, 2017

When I was younger I thought I knew loneliness,

ends up I didn’t know her at all.

Through all the wasted time,

fear fueled articulated grime,

I was only just starting to fall…


For Mistress Loneliness,

she stays by my side,

through all the stress,

and down the slide.

So Mistress Loneliness,

What can I do?

The world doesn’t love me,

but I sure love you.


Now that I’m older than when we met,

we can have our anniversary.

Still, I wanna break up,

want out, wanna take up,

cause your loves only a precursory,

to another lonely night…


With Mistress Loneliness,

she stays by my side,

through all the stress,

and down the slide.

So Mistress Loneliness,

What can I do?

The world doesn’t love me,

but I sure love you.

Thomas Spychalski




Love & Cortisol

September 26, 2017
Chemical structure of cortisol (numbered).

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you wearing your essentials today?

The things that kill us, make us pray?

If I could I’d get rid of you both.


Neither do me any good,

Neither work like they should,

No longer want this oath.


It’s not like you have not given me good feelings,

But the aftermath always leaves me reeling,

and I am so sick of the losing, the backhanded abusing, that I just want you gone.


Such a shame as your supposed to be one of the best things in life,

But never for me is that loving heaven of kinship, just a stab in the back with an another knife,

So you can pack your bags love, take the last train out of my town,

I don’t need it hanging on, bringing me down.


Yet still, I believe,

Still, I self-deceive,

Those things will improve,

Another lie I’ll regret when they drop the same old groove,

From these broken feelings, I should remove.

Thomas Spychalski 

How Many Times?

September 24, 2017

How many times have I cried out in the city square, asking for guidance from those I tried to do in kind?

How many times have I wished for love since a child denied?

How many times did I see things that could heal, maybe for me on the inside of others I’m too bad to dig out?

How much more do I have to wish, how many days do I have to wait, just to be treated like I exist in the world like they do?

How many times do I have to pine away in silence just to be able to talk to someone?

How many times have I thought these thoughts, when all I want is to be free?

Because I’m starting to wonder how many more signs do I need before I finally get life holds no love for me?

Thomas Spychalski

Love’s Leaf

September 22, 2017

From the Daily Writing Prompt on WordPress. 

Love is like a leaf.

It appears from out of nowhere like a hidden magic of the Spring and spreads fast, reaching high towards the bright revealing light of the sun.

The leaves grow until it becomes a part of us, mixture, the color born out despite the stagnation of our history and roots.

It can feed us well and makes us seem larger than life, fuller than the frame of the Human restraints of body and instinct that lie beneath love’s leaves.

Winds of change can take it from us, breaking the bonds that hold the leaves to our wooden skeletons, causing us to sway in the waves of the storm, calling for relief so we do not lose our proud majesty.

Seasons change as well for love’s leaf, the chilled fall air making once proudly vibrant leaves whither, before winter’s cold embrace reminds us that we are once again alone in the whitewashed cold, longing for encouraging breezes and warmer days that now seem like a fantasy.

Love’s leaf grounded, trapped under the ice of regret and loss, but yet again the sun will move closer to our cycles, a random spark will erupt inside the barren trunks of the Human heart and make them flare up again, and the fallen leaves of yesterday’s lost loves will only fertilize a new Summer’s cauldron of joy.

Thomas Spychalski 

Please visit the daily one word writing prompt of ‘leaf’ for more posts from this prompt and thanks for reading.

Where My Heart Lies

September 15, 2017

Tonight was an apex moment, I feel them I do, not like a million other moments, I can feel them true. 

From Here I can feel the great swelling of change for the cause, I want to be that person my angels see without pause.

I stumble but I try and I don’t want to cause the angels more pain, but always but that little hard twist of my rain. 

Where My Heart lies is with you, what can I do? I’m picky with affection and deep love, yes it’s you, both I’m speaking of, cause I don’t play games when it comes to the only truth of love.

Doesn’t mean I wanna chase you, doesn’t mean I don’t see the wreckage after my storm, doesn’t mean I’m a fool but tell me truly angels, can I repair what I’ve done with you, can I reform?

Don’t want to hurt you again, I know what you see, know what you miss of me, the golden fruit that delights you, hiddin in my tree. 

Want to return so bad, fuck pride I need you two to be here, but I also need to see the love already given, ditch that old fear. 

Can you hear me my two angels, screw our human stupidity I love you both and you love me, as said the word don’t come cheap with me, I’ll always be here for my angels no matter what.

Fuck defining definitions for people you hold dear, I cry again love to you tonight on the edge of another dawn, I do want that bond I ignored back, but I’m afraid I’ll make you a pawn.
But from here, I’m willing to try if we do it right, tell me my two angels, can I heal what I’ve done…I miss you.

-Thomas Spychalski 

Somewhere Between One And Zero

November 10, 2016

cropped-13977_792057887481995_1808920394835404646_n.jpgSomewhere in between one and zero, between the loser and the hero, feeling out of place.

Yeah it’s my fault but can you feel my disgrace?

So I’m told it’s me, then it never becomes truth, all the while I stand here waiting and now that I’m done just contemplating I can’t see it no more.

Misery dashed with me at manic, down and dirty feeling panic why I had to destroy…why I could not just enjoy.

Really despise I have another regret, something else to use when my mind begins to fret.

So please God next time/someday can I be one and not zero? Can I find a place in this space to be their hero?

And I can’t help but feel the good things never born, why did someone so beautiful have to be full of thorns?

-Thomas Spychalski



Wise Thought of the Day #6

September 6, 2016


“Out of all the treasures we seek in life, there is nothing so precious or so scarce as reciprocated romantic love.”


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