Serve & Protect

July 22, 2016


From the nations of Islam to the nations of Christ,

Blood was easy, profits, no one thought twice.

Alchemy, turning Human heart to stone,

Protect your mind, the only thing you own.


False elections, criminals and reality stars,

A Western world living behind iron bars.

Out of the ashes comes constructed hate,

Not your thoughts, mass media lies sealed your fate.


They say they are here to protect and serve,

Yet let them do your thinking, you get what you deserve.

Where the hell’s your pride, your mind, your verve?


They say they love us, serve and protect,

They only care about saving their own necks.

Once freedom becomes fear, what’s next?

In a world where hatred reigns and love wrecks?

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This is All Your Fault…

July 8, 2016


Orlando, Dallas, Columbine, Aurora..the disgusting list that continues to go on and on into darkness, the killing of innocents and the social unrest that always follows such horrid incidents and do you know who is to blame for this?

You are.

Yes you, sitting there on your laptop, eating lunch while browsing on your mobile phone, all of you are to blame for these things, every single one of them.

Got your attention?

Good, I also used a picture of a cat, just to be sure.

Now before you get out the torches and pitchforks, let me explain and like all good internet opinion piece fodder, we will start with a related anecdote from my own life.

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